The FullStory


Kayla Danaye is a contemporary lifestyle brand that specializes in bringing out the YOU in your home. Inspired by pop culture, black culture, womanhood, and identity she creates a variety of art, apparel, and home goods that aims to stand in the representation gap for black and brown people.


Kayla's work is categorized by smooth crisp lines complemented by bright pops of color and culturally relatable subject matter.

As a Black female artist, she enjoys celebrating the diversity of women of color in her creations. She wants to continue to create the art that makes YOU feel seen, heard, and recognized.  

She is inspired by fine art and design styles from all over the world. Her favorite place to look for inspiration is in the beauty of the people around her. While design styles vary she is devoted to staying true to her artistic purpose. Additionally, she immerses herself in interior design and jewelry design which allows you the opportunity to experience art beyond your home.



Highlight the beauty in black bodies and culture with inspiration from media, literature and historicl references.


Create an online boutique that promotes the depiction of Black lives in everyday settings with a goal to provide art, apparel, and home goods that amplify your voice and illustrate your experiences.